Certified LLumar Vista Dealer


Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

Applied Film Technology is a local commercial and residential window tinting business located in Chesapeake, Virginia; serving the entire Hampton Roads and northeastern North Carolina area. We are a responsible licensed and insured company that embraces green technologies and standards with over 15 years experience. We strive to provide the most comprehensive services in the area. These range from security to decorative film solutions. We are an authorized LLumar Vista and Huper Optik dealer.

Why is window tinting important to you?

Window tinting is an amazing and economical solution for many of the problems associated with glass in commercial and residential settings. These problems demand an innovative solution.

While glass is great for allowing light into homes and businesses, it is not without its problems and annoyances. Glass problems can include excessive heat, uneeded and excessive load on heating and air systems, glare that leads to eye strain and poor televisiong viewing experience, as well as, the fading of interior furnishings over time (photodegradation).

Applied Film offers the experience and solutions needed to solve these problems, using the most advanced window films available today. Applied Film has over 15 years experience installing solar control, safety, decorative, and specialty window films, throughout the Hampton Roads and Northeastern North Carolina area.

What Applied Film offers to our clients is simple:
  • The most thorough site evaluation to determine glass type, estimated time for installation, and any and all problems that could be present upon job commencement
  • A “Dare to Compare” program that can include mock-ups and in house demonstrations to show the performance of our advanced window film products
  • We never rely on subcontractors to install our products. This assures the highest quality installation by factory trained window film installers
  • The most comprehensive window film warranties available in the world for both residential and commercial applications
  • Competitive pricing for all comparative window film products
  • Amazing referral programs for both residential and commercial clients

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